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Doula Services

Kristiane is ready to assist a couple to birth their baby anywhere they choose to.

A doula, or birth attendant, is a woman offering non-medical support and information to parents in pregnancy, childbirth and the post natal period.

'Doula' is a Greek word that has come to mean ‘woman’s servant’.

A doula mothers the mother!

Kristiane is knowledgeable in comfort measure such as relaxation, breathing, massage & positioning, managing labour sensations using water, hot packs and other natural pain relief.

Kristiane is also licensed to encapsulate plancentas.


The Benefits of Having a Doula

Engaging the services of a doula can make a massive difference to your pregnancy and birth. Studies have shown that doulas can result in:

  • 50 percent decrease in the need for a cesarean delivery
  • 25 percent decrease in the length of labour for first time mothers
  • 60 percent decrease in epidural request
  • 40 percent decrease in artificial oxytocin use
  • 30 percent decrease in forceps use
  • decrease in the use of pain relief medications

Doulas are also able to provide:

  • professional care and assistance at any time
  • access to resources and information so that people are able to make informed choices about their pregnancy, labour, and childbirth
  • referrals to classes such as ante natal fitness, birth preparation, lactation classes, pregnancy yoga, and also to pregnancy massage services
  • assistance in preparing for the birth such as creating a birth plan or a plan of action
  • post-natal support with breastfeeding or referral to a lactation consultant
  • support for the father
  • general support and care when the baby is first brought home


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